FEB 17 '23
i wanna start this entry by filling you in on some stuff that happened yesterday evening. when i came home and went into the kitchen, i saw that one of my flatmates had left on the kitchen counter two boxes of donuts. they looked amazing and were each the size of my fist. i didn't touch them cuz i'm a good flatmate but then the person who'd brought them ran into me, and she told me i could take as many as i liked!! i took two jam donuts to eat after dinner, and they were great. apparently yesterday was polish donut day - probably something similar to pancake day in the uk.
that night when i was about to go to bed, i figured i could do something nice as repayment for the tasty donuts. that flatmate had hosted a birthday party in our kitchen a little while ago, and the balloons from the party were still up on the walls. i figured my flatmate had been hesitant to take them down cuz they were confetti-filled balloons, but i was gonna be careful and deflate them safely. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH no. one little prod of my scissors and BANG confetti everywhere. flatmate found me in the kitchen picking up confetti cuz i couldn't find the vaccuum cleaner lmaoo.
as for today!!! i got up bright n early, made my way to the campus library to settle in and read strange case. i snagged a window seat that was secluded on 3/4 sides so i could be super focused and comfortable! it also happened to be really REALLY windy today, like weather warning windy, which meant that i got some fantastic ambience from the rattling and howling sounds it all made. the book itself was good! i think i would've liked it better having not known the plot, but like it's jekyll and hyde, everyone knows that story to some extent. i'm still excited to discuss it in class, and it was great fun to blast through it in one sitting!
then i went home and had a quiet afternoon before livestreaming portal 1 on twitch! i actually beat it for the first time tonight, which is kinda funny cuz portal 2 is one of my all-time favourite games. it was alot easier than i remembered it being tbh, still a good puzzler but no 'baba is you' haha. next week i'm gonna stream portal 2! livestreaming is a super chill hobby and i'm so glad i took the opportunity to pick it up.
so ya that was basically my day! i have some plans brewing for more updates to this site, so stay tuned for those and atleast some more blog entries whenever i have an interesting day. cya!! :3

FEB 16 '23
i've had such a busy day today and it's not even 3pm when i'm writing this!! :0 so much happened that it's inspired me to give my website a blog (again, i had one pre-renovation lol). so bascially i thought i had a stinky 9am class today, and i was RIGHT, but i showed up to the wrong building so i thought it was cancelled lol. i kind of don't mind missing it though bc what i did instead was a lot more fun!!
first i got a hazelnut mocha to sip on + wake me up, my friends weren't on campus yet so i just chilled out and made some headway on reading 'the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde' which is a veeeeery fun book. i've been excited to read it cuz it's one of my bf's favourites! it's also really short so i might even finish it and put my thoughts at the end of this blog entry.
what i really wanted to do, though, was to go to CEX (a used games/cd/dvd/tech store) and scope out some secondhand cds and gadgets. lately i've discovered an interest in older apple products, especially ipods, and CEX doesn't have great deals on those but it's still fun to look and see. last time i went i saw a leapmotion for sale, and that's vtuber tech so i bet it has a super interesting story behind it. i was also interested in finding some old cds, cuz i need something to put on my future ipod right?? and i've been on kind of a 2000s 'nostalgia' kick in general (in air quotes bc i was a baby in the 00s lmao). i almost bought a david guetta cd but didn't end up getting anything. still had fun browsing!! they had an overpriced(?) ipod shuffle and a pink razer seiren mini (that's a usb microphone) at a pretty nice price.
on the way back to campus i stopped by a little collectible store. i've been there before and it's great because it's just piles and piles of stuff from monster high dolls to pokémon plush to toy cars, tiny lil store crammed with SO MUCH STUFF!! and up on the shelf was a 2019 easter bunny miku figurine, one i've been wanting for AGESSSS!! it wasn't in the box but that doesn't matter to me at all, i snatched it up right away and i'm gonna put her on my shelf when i get home! she might be a knockoff but idrc about that either lolololol
and then i went to class and worked on my website instead of paying attention.... oh well!! ty for reading about my day, i hope you have a good one too!! :3