welcome to the website of oscar!! here you can peruse stuff about me, my interests, and stuff i like that i've curated to share!
i've thought of neocities as a really cool place for a long while, but my first attempt at a site was basic and clunky, and i soon lost energy to work on it. now i'm back with some new tools, new skills, and plenty of fresh energy, and i'm ready to put my all into my very own online space!

the "ME" section is for personal stuff, and the stuff i make. the "YOU" section is stuff made to be enjoyed by visitors such aas yourself. the "HERE" section is all about the website itself, and the "THERE" section is for things outside of this site. go nuts! sniff around like some kind of hog.

by the way, this site was designed on a 2160x1440 monitor, so smaller screens might get funky with it. if you're here on mobile, uh.... sorry.